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International Symposium on Business, Economics & Education
- Ankara Turkey

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ISBE 2021 will center on the theme of “the challenges surrounding COVID-19 pandemic: economic, social and behavioral response to epidemic”. We welcome your papers about the main theme of the symposium under the following subtitles:


- Impact of COVID-19 on Economy & Global Suspension of Production 

- Impact of COVID-19 on Education & Emergency Remote Education

- Impact of COVID-19 on Social Life & Social Distancing and Human Behavior 

- Impact of COVID-19 on Digital and Social Media

- Impact of COVID-19 on Tourism and Marketing

- Impact of COVID-19 on Businesses & New Approaches in Management

- Impact of COVID-19 on Accounting Profession

- Impact of COVID-19 on Financıal Markets & 2020 Stock Market Crash



If you have interest in participation, we kindly request you to register to the symposium website (is-be.org) and submit the abstract (or extended summary) of your study via online submission system until March 21st, 2021. Click for important days.